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1-Pc Electric Pet Toy for Cats, Dogs

1-Pc Electric Pet Toy for Cats, Dogs

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Dept: Pets 
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Cats / Dogs
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Interactive Electric Pet Toy

Product Description:
Material: Plastic
Diameter (ball): 8cm / 3.14"
Length (plush): 21cm / 8.26"
Battery (not included): 2 x AAA Batteries

1. Battery: This toy is powered by 2 AAA batteries that is not included with package.
2. Colors: The ball and feather pattern/color is various and random when manufactured. There are no color pattern options available when ordering.
3. Setup: First, disconnect the ball from the middle, put two AAA batteries into the battery box according to the positive and negative poles, open the switch, and then close the cover. 
4. Water: Your pet can play with the toy in water, however, when playing in water, limit playing time to approx. 1/2 hour or so, 
5. When the switch is turned on, the ball will automatically roll irregularly, which can attract your cat to play with and love it.
6. When not playing, pour out the water in the toy ball, take out the battery and dry it in a dry place.
7. The ball toy can be played with in the water and on the floor, electric-saving and waterproof.

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