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Ankle Glow Bracelet Safety Light for Night Jogging Walking Biking

Ankle Glow Bracelet Safety Light for Night Jogging Walking Biking

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LED Armband Adjustable Wristband Reflective Flashing Strips Ankle Glow Bracelet Safety Light for Night Jogging Walking Biking

Product presentation:

LED flashing armband: Safely lit sports wristband design fully considers comfort. The LED armband is lightweight and soft, preventing fatigue and discomfort for wearers of all ages. The Velcro closure is safe, reliable and adjustable and comfortable on children, adults and pets.

Model: fast flashing, slow flashing, bright and attractive light looks great on your arm or wrist.

Total length: 35cm. The size ranges from 28 to 32 cm, suitable for men, women and children. Just wrap it on the wrist, ankle, arm and leg, or tie it to a bicycle, helmet, school bag, or backpack.

Replaceable batteries: Each armband has 2 batteries, which can work for about 60-80 hours. When the battery runs out, you only need to replace it with a new CR2023 battery.

Widely used: You can also wear it in night events, such as your favorite singer's concert or bonfire party.


The LED running armband can provide the driver or motorist with a high field of view in the dark (early morning or evening) to protect your personal safety.

Press the button to switch between different modes in the following order: flashing fast, flashing slowly, and steadily lit. Press the button for the fourth time and the indicator light will go out. Due to the reflective surface, the cuff can provide safety protection even if the LED function is turned off.

Adjustable Velcro, 14 inches long and 1 inch wide. We recommend that you measure the circumference of your arm (upper arm, at the elbow, forearm, wrist, above the ankle) before buying, so you can know where to wear the armband.

If you are walking at night, running in the morning and cycling at night, these are all essential! ! This product will ensure your safety.


Material: nylon webbing + reflective tape + LED light strip

Total length: 35cm. Adjustable length: 28-32cm

Color: red, green, blue.

4 models: fast flashing, slow flashing, continuous on and off

Battery life: usually 60-80 hours, can be replaced

Battery Battery requirements: 2 x CR2032 button batteries per armband

Probably Package Size:4*30cm 28g

Package list:

1 LED armband

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