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Cat Tunnel Tube for Cats

Cat Tunnel Tube for Cats

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Dept: Pets
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Cats and other domesticated indoor small pets
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Interactive Toy House Bed 

1. Every cat is born to like exploring and hunting. This product is ideally play suited for cats of any breed and size, who are expert hunters. 
2. The product adopts artificial tree pattern color to make the overall vision of the product more real and beautiful. The matching design of tree holes and leaves make the toy feel more real, and make your pet want to hunt and play games more crazily.
3. The product is made of high-quality brand new non-toxic polyester fiber cloth, which can withstand the cat's vigorous scratching and biting, and the wide opening allows the cat to freely and flexibly shuttle and play.
4. This is a toy that makes cats crazy. The product has 5 holes, which is convenient for multiple cats to play and chase together.
5. The light spring combination makes the product more convenient to store and fold. it is versatile indoor and outdoor, easy to fold, and machine washable.

Material: Polyester

Package Includes: 1pc x collapsible cat tunnel tube

SKU: 7015

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